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We help impact, sustainability and climate-tech startups succeed in their mission by providing them guidance in the process of raising funds, from getting them investment-ready to connecting them to opportunities to accelerate and fund their growth and building strong investor relations.

There are lots of purpose-driven founders out there, standing firmly behind a vision to solve big societal and environmental problems. However, they often struggle to bring economic sense to their proposition. It is very unfortunate to see impact startups fail due to not being able to properly present their value proposition and not fueling their ideas with the right capital.
Plamen Ivanov - Founder Impact Prosper

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Interested in deal-flow aligned with your thesis?
We understand the importance of deal-flow that is consistent with your impact and climate thesis and investment criteria.


Seeking a mentor for your fundraising program?
We enable startups to achieve investment readiness, equipping them with impactful tools and guidance to drive their fundraising success.


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We can explore integrating your software tool into our offering, enhancing the fundraising journey for the startups we work with.

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