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Fundraising is a time-consuming process. Balancing fundraising activities with running the business can result in slower progress in the fundraising and missed opportunities, while diverting attention away from core operations and strategic growth initiatives.



Most of founders lack experience navigating the complex fundraising landscape. Without it, startups may struggle to effectively position themselves, create compelling pitch materials, and negotiate favorable investment terms.

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Most of founders have limited access to a wide range of investors, particularly those outside their immediate network. This can restrict their ability to connect with the right investors who are aligned with their industry, stage and investment preferences.

90% of start-ups fail and many of them do because of poor fundraising!

We assist impact startups through the entire fundraising cycle

Our Services

Investment Readiness

Funding Needs
Determining the specific funding requirements of your startup, including the amount of capital needed, the purpose of the funds and the desired timeline for fundraising.
Fundraising Strategy
Creating a comprehensive plan that outlines your fundraising goals, target investors and funding sources, while defining the round structure, size and valuation.
Pitch deck & Materials
Assisting you in creating a compelling pitch deck and compiling relevant documentation, reports, market analysis, case studies, etc., available for due diligence and investor inquiries.
Impact & Financials
Helping you elaborate your financial model and projections, alongside measure the positive social and environmental impact of your business operations.
We will help you set the foundation for a successful fundraising

Fundraising Support

Investor Research
Identifying potential investors (VCs, Angels and other funding sources) across our wider network who align with the industry focus and your startup's mission and ambition.
Investor Intros
Reaching out to suitable investors through warm introduction, facilitating the interaction by helping you understand their core criteria and what drives them.
Fundraising Process
On-going support guiding you through the investment process, including whenever necessary assistance in the due-diligence phase and terms negotiation.
Investor Relations
Helping you maintain regular communication with investors - both, existing and potential - providing updates on the progress of your startup and addressing their key concerns.
We will help you establish trust and credibility with your investors

The Startups we serve


Series A




Food & Agriculture, Energy Transition, Circularity, Mobility, Social Impact…


Sotware or Hardware solutions with scalability potential​


Clear intention to make positive impact, which is measurable

Your Partner in Impact Startup Success

We form strategic alliances with Accelerators, VCs and Ecosystem Builders, actively participating as Mentors, Trainers, Scouts, and Evaluators within their startup programs.

Boosting Impact Startups Together

We are committed to advancing the impact ecosystem's success, bolstering investment readiness, optimizing opportunities for investors and assisting startup programs in discovering exceptional candidates and expanding their mission's reach.
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